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What are the most popular used car brands in the UK right now?

What are the most popular used car brands in the UK right now?

Discover the top 50 most popular car makes and brands available at UK dealerships with Carsnitch's curated list. Stay informed about the leading names in the automotive industry, from premium luxury brands to reliable everyday favourites. Explore up-to-date insights on the best-selling brands and find the right car to suit your needs and preferences. Begin your car search with confidence on Carsnitch today.

RankMakeStockAvg PriceAvg AgeUpdated At
1FordFord47,232£14,395612 Jul 24
2VolkswagenVolkswagen38,297£18,913512 Jul 24
3BMWBMW32,555£24,681612 Jul 24
5VauxhallVauxhall30,837£10,929612 Jul 24
4AudiAudi32,486£23,516512 Jul 24
6Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz28,581£23,413612 Jul 24
8NissanNissan19,486£14,316612 Jul 24
9Land RoverLand Rover16,856£37,421612 Jul 24
7ToyotaToyota20,369£16,273512 Jul 24
10PeugeotPeugeot16,356£13,420512 Jul 24
11KiaKia15,849£16,122512 Jul 24
12HyundaiHyundai13,719£16,196512 Jul 24
13CitroenCitroen11,501£11,747612 Jul 24
15RenaultRenault11,092£12,233612 Jul 24
14SkodaSkoda11,373£16,693412 Jul 24
16MiniMini10,611£15,009612 Jul 24
19SeatSeat8,327£13,403512 Jul 24
17VolvoVolvo9,431£25,555512 Jul 24
18FiatFiat8,515£9,678612 Jul 24
22MazdaMazda6,552£15,611512 Jul 24
20HondaHonda7,025£14,179712 Jul 24
23JaguarJaguar6,270£25,768712 Jul 24
24SuzukiSuzuki5,880£12,865512 Jul 24
25PorschePorsche5,048£67,424712 Jul 24
21MGMG6,730£16,524212 Jul 24
27LexusLexus2,946£27,917512 Jul 24
26DaciaDacia3,137£10,179512 Jul 24
28MitsubishiMitsubishi2,611£13,834712 Jul 24
30JeepJeep1,491£20,624512 Jul 24
32DSDS1,031£12,882512 Jul 24
29TeslaTesla1,811£27,974412 Jul 24
47Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo128£22,502812 Jul 24
34BentleyBentley931£76,7391012 Jul 24
31CupraCupra1,066£27,871112 Jul 24
33SubaruSubaru981£21,800712 Jul 24
35SmartSmart771£7,336812 Jul 24
37Aston MartinAston Martin680£109,193912 Jul 24
36SsangYongSsangYong723£16,866412 Jul 24
48AbarthAbarth126£15,739602 Jun 24
38FerrariFerrari625£181,8951012 Jul 24
40LamborghiniLamborghini441£222,134512 Jul 24
39IsuzuIsuzu472£25,331412 Jul 24
41MaseratiMaserati331£38,100712 Jul 24
43ChevroletChevrolet255£19,3891212 Jul 24
42Rolls-RoyceRolls-Royce267£180,5651012 Jul 24
44McLarenMcLaren159£193,339612 Jul 24
46InfinitiInfiniti132£9,816912 Jul 24
50SaabSaab111£3,9721712 Jul 24
51ChryslerChrysler103£5,8721512 Jul 24
45LotusLotus155£63,661812 Jul 24
49MaxusMaxus112£24,751112 Jul 24

Summary of the Top 50 Brands

The UK's used car market is a diverse ecosystem, with a range of brands competing for the attention of discerning buyers. From everyday runabouts to luxury marquees, the variety is staggering. Let's break down the most intriguing aspects of the current scene, based on the top 50 popular used car brands on sale:

The Dominant Players:

  1. Ford tops the list with a whopping 47,343 cars in stock, reflecting its longstanding popularity among UK drivers. Despite having the largest stock, the average price of a used Ford stands at £15,280 - offering a mix of affordability and trustworthiness.
  2. German heavyweights, Volkswagen and BMW, follow closely, boasting large stocks and commanding average prices of £19,242 and £25,157, respectively.

The Premium Club:

  1. Land Rover, though ninth in terms of stock, showcases a significantly higher average price of £38,998.
  2. The opulent Rolls-Royce, with its limited stock of 263 units, commands an average price of £196,993, closely rivalled by Lamborghini at £223,140.
  3. Notably, Bentley and Aston Martin also fetch premium prices, with their used models averaging above £100,000.

The Electric Vanguard: While brands like Ford and Volkswagen dominate in terms of stock, it's interesting to see Tesla making its mark. With an average age of only 3 years and an average price of £34,068, Tesla's electric models signal a shift in buying preferences.

The Value Propositions: Brands like Vauxhall, Nissan, and Peugeot offer a blend of reasonable prices and younger vehicle ages, making them strong contenders for those seeking value for money.

Emerging Stars: Keep an eye on Cupra, with cars just 1 year old on average, hinting at its recent surge in popularity. Similarly, MG, with an average age of 3 years, suggests it's increasingly finding favour among UK drivers.

A Nostalgic Farewell: Brands like Saab and Chrysler, once staples on the UK roads, are now seeing their average stock age rise to 16 and 13 years, respectively. It may not be long before these iconic brands become even rarer sights.

Conclusion: The UK's used car market paints a vibrant picture of diverse preferences, with brands catering to every budget and taste. From the ever-reliable Ford to the luxury of Bentley and Rolls-Royce, there's something for everyone. And with data updated daily, it's evident that the market remains dynamic, adapting to the evolving demands and trends of UK drivers. Whether you're a buyer, a seller, or an enthusiast, there's never been a more exciting time to dive into the UK's automotive scene.