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Used Ferrari on Finance

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Financing a Ferrari

Ah, the Ferrari – the embodiment of Italian prowess in automotive engineering. Whether you're a fan or considering becoming an owner, there's much to appreciate about this iconic marque. Let's delve into a simplified guide on understanding the brand and potentially financing a Ferrari in the UK.

Simple Guide: Financing a Ferrari in the UK

Why Ferrari?

  • Legacy of Performance: Originating from racing roots, Ferrari has consistently been at the forefront of speed and innovation.
  • Symbol of Prestige: Beyond performance, a Ferrari is a statement of luxury and exclusivity.
  • Masterful Craftsmanship: Each Ferrari is a product of impeccable Italian craftsmanship, combining art with engineering.

Popular Models to Consider:

  1. Ferrari 488 – A mid-engine sports car, offering mind-blowing performance.
  2. Ferrari Portofino – A grand touring sports car, known for its versatility.
  3. Ferrari SF90 Stradale – A hybrid supercar showcasing Ferrari's commitment to innovation.

Where to Begin?

  • Begin with official Ferrari dealerships which offer a selection of Ferrari Approved pre-owned vehicles.
  • Luxury automotive online platforms can also offer a diverse range of options.
  • Always be cautious when considering a purchase from a private seller. A full professional inspection of the vehicle is a must.

Financing Options:

  1. Personal Loan: A simple method where you borrow a fixed amount and pay it back with interest over a predetermined period.
  2. PCP (Personal Contract Purchase): Offer an initial deposit, followed by monthly instalments. At the end of the contract, decide between buying, returning, or trading the Ferrari.
  3. Hire Purchase (HP): Pay an initial deposit followed by monthly instalments. Once the payment period ends, the Ferrari is yours.
  4. Leasing: Essentially renting the Ferrari for a fixed period and returning it after the contract expires.

Budgeting and Negotiation:

  • Ferraris, being luxury vehicles, demand considerable investment. Always ensure that you factor in not only the car's price but also insurance, maintenance, and potential repairs.
  • When negotiating, understand the average market price for the model you're interested in. Utilise any noticeable issues or the car's history as negotiation points.

Protect Your Investment:

  • Regular servicing at certified Ferrari service centres is crucial.
  • Ensure comprehensive insurance coverage.

Concluding Tips:

  • Research the model you're interested in thoroughly.
  • Check the vehicle's full history, including its service and accident records.
  • When dealing with financing, always ensure you understand every clause and term of the agreement.

Owning a Ferrari is more than just owning a car; it's a statement and an experience in itself. This guide aims to make the journey towards ownership a tad simpler for potential buyers in the UK. Safe driving!

About Ferrari

Ferrari, a name synonymous with speed, luxury, and prestige, is an epitome of automotive art and performance engineering. Originating from the heart of Italy, Ferrari has long been revered for its unparalleled sports cars and its illustrious history in motorsport, especially in Formula 1. The Prancing Horse brand, as it's affectionately known, continues to capture the imagination of enthusiasts in the UK and around the world.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Exceptional Performance: At the core of every Ferrari is a meticulously crafted engine designed for jaw-dropping performance and an exhilarating driving experience.
  • Iconic Design: Ferrari cars are instantly recognisable, with their distinct design, bold colours (particularly the famed 'Rosso Corsa' red), and the iconic Prancing Horse emblem.
  • Racing Heritage: Ferrari's rich history in motorsport, especially its dominance in Formula 1, has directly influenced the design and engineering of its road cars.
  • Limited Production: Many Ferrari models are produced in limited numbers, ensuring exclusivity for owners and maintaining the brand's elite status.

Popular Models in the UK

Ferrari's line-up, though not as vast as some mainstream brands, is nothing short of extraordinary:

  • Ferrari F8 Tributo: A tribute to its most powerful V8, this model is a marvel of engineering and design, replacing the 488 GTB with even more flair and performance.
  • Ferrari Portofino: This elegant convertible grand tourer balances luxury with raw power, perfect for both spirited drives and relaxed cruising.
  • Ferrari Roma: With a more minimalist, refined design, the Roma is a contemporary take on the classic Ferrari GT formula.
  • Ferrari 812 Superfast: As the name suggests, this front-engined V12 beast is one of the fastest road-going Ferraris ever made.

For many, owning a Ferrari is a dream, a pinnacle of success. With its rich history, breathtaking performance, and unmistakable allure, Ferrari remains a gold standard in the world of luxury sports cars in the UK and beyond.

Ferrari Data

Find out which Ferrari vehicles are most popular, their average price, age and mileage and recent sales.

ModelStockAvg PriceAvg AgeAvg MileageRecent Sales
All Ferrari568£189,7791018,407546
296 GTB19£277,91701,00029
812 Superfast26£265,93946,57130
F12 Berlinetta11£194,517813,11410
F8 Tributo20£234,10624,17325
Gtc4 Lusso22£165,922513,08125
Sf90 Stradale15£411,28222,53210
812 Gts8£366,49624,13913
Sf90 Spider5£545,99211,5992
F8 Spider8£250,80824,12615
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