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Monthly ~£35/pm

Dealer in Wigan

Rated 3.2 (277 Reviews)

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2006 Kia Cerato 1.6 Gs

62,000mi Manual Petrol 1.6L


 - Rated 3.2



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    Kia Cerato 1.6 Zapp Blue #6
2006 Kia Cerato

1.6 Zapp

61,000mi Manual Petrol 1.6L


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Up for sale and ready for its next owner to drive away is this second hand car for the total of only £700. This dealership in Ruislip also gives you the option to pay using affordable monthly repayments to suit all budgets with payment plans beginning from as little as £ per calendar month.

General Information MF06CXM

Up for sale and available to take on a test drive is this Cerato in a finish; this model has a 1600CC petrol engine with manual transmission and has 62,000 miles on the clock. It is fitted with all the added features and specifications you'd want, including: This hatchback Kia is now on offer and ready for its next owner to drive home at the superb price of only £1,395. Hurry and contact the helpful sales team at this dealer as soon as possible. If you'd prefer not to pay the full price now and would prefer spread the cost of buying this motor, determine what finance plans are at hand and find one that's tailored to your requirements. Your monthly payment plan could commence at only £ per month.

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Dealer in Wigan

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