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2009 Nissan Tiida 1.6

73,000mi Manual Petrol


 - Rated 4.7



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    Nissan Tiida Saloon Blue #6
2010 Nissan Tiida


77,090mi Manual Petrol 1.6L


£1,004 more

Newcastle upon Tyne

£25pm more


4.3 (267 reviews)

Lower rating

Same model

4k more miles

1yr newer




This saloon contains a 1.6 litre petrol engine with manual transmission and has got 77,090 miles clocked up on the dashboard.

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    Nissan Tiida Blue Blue #6
2009 Nissan Tiida




£700 more


£18pm more


4.7 (77 reviews)

Same rating

Same model

7k less miles

Same year

At this dealership there's a superb price on this Tiida Blue with transmission, a cc engine and 66,000 miles on the dash.

General Information SY09BJE

Currently up for sale and ready for you to drive away is this Tiida 17530010 with a Litre engine and 73,000mi clocked-up on the dashboard. This Nissan Tiida is supplied with a large assortment of added features and specifications, including:  Chat to the helpful team at this dealership in Burnley to find out what else this vehicle has to offer.

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Dealer in Burnley

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