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Used Humber On Finance

humber is car manufacturer from United Kingdom. Currently there are 1 models on our website. There are 1 used cars from humber which you can buy by finance. Most popular model is Sceptre

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Humber Sceptre , 1975
Petrol £ 134 per month
60 months

  • Body:
  • Color: Green
  • Fuel: Petrol
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Mileage: 38,000
  • Doors:
Cash Price
£ 6,995
60 Months
per month
Cash Price
£ 6,995

This second hand car has 38000 miles and comes in light Green. This vibrant Humber Sceptre Petrol does not only equip you with the desirable kind of a car that you require, but is also fitted with a wide range of good and helpful gizmos for you to experience, which include: For anybody who is in search of a finance deal, search no longer. We have many credit options to choose from.

Distance: 112.88 mi Willenhall
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